- Help, Support & troubleshooting users in the technical issues.  
- Set-up, oversight and Maintenance of Company Computer & Telephone Network as far as functionality, security as per the management plan.
- Take users and servers BACKUP per the Standards Policies as per the management schedule.
- Take users and servers IMAGE after the full Systems/Applications Installation.
- Checking & reviewing the existing Hardware/Software Status & giving your feed back to the management.
- Handling an equipment inventory as per the management schedule.
- Coordinating tasks, operations & the others IT issues by filing & arranging in a secure place.
- Solve the simple problems which hit the internal network like the sharing and accessing issues.
- Clean the old files from the server and the users pc’s per the Standard Policies as the management schedule. 
- Working under the management standard policies & make sure it’s officially be implemented. 
- Making a monthly inventory for our equipments.
- Review hosting on daily basis to prevent any problems in disk space or any other issues.
- Follow up with clients on hosting and domain renewal. 
- Manage main server and prevent any problems from happening. 
- Planning and budgeting. 
- Other duties as needed.

Required Skills:
- Bachelor’s degree education in IT.
- Excellent knowledge of technical management, information analysis and of computer hardware/software systems.
- Hands-on experience with computer networks, network administration and network installation.
- Good knowledge of apple software and hardware. 
- Good English.
- Good in managing web master activities.