How Are Schools & Universities Using 360 VR?

The world is in a constant state of update. Technology is evolving while industries are growing and changing more each day.

First immersive 360 VR Video in Egypt

Orascom Construction Ltd. has commissioned our company to produce the very first 360° VR corporate video in Egypt.

idv digital studio 360 VR Live streaming

Are you looking to live stream in 360 VR? Idv digital offers you the latest technology to accomplish your needs.

Reasons why you should invest in 360 VR videos and photos

A picture is worth a thousand words and keep in mind that the saying was said during the analog era..

The Sinai Trail - official 360° VR video for the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

idv digital the pioneer of 360 VR production in Egypt.

Luxor Temple 360 VR tour

idv digital created 360 Virtual tours to convey the immersive experience of the ancient temples at Luxor

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