Detailed Responsibilities:

  1. Controlling internal cash flow and safe position
  2. Entering all records on the accounting system
  3. Responsible for handling and managing petty cash
  4. Prepare the petty cash reconciliation
  5. Receiving bank statements and other related matters
  6. Maintain the Purchase Orders’ file
  7. Handling payments (allowances, bills…etc.)
  8. Handling invoices and contracts
  9. Handling staff contracts, attendance, holidays and salaries
  10. Calculates and pay taxes and Social Insurance.
  11. Responsible for Account Receivables and Accounts Payable
  12. Prepares the Journal and Ledger
  13. Preparing Analysis, budget, review and presentation on company’s financials
  14. Handling lawyer and Chartered accountant
  15. Assist with other duties and responsibilities as required.
  16. Maintain Weekly collection report.
  17. Maintain Weekly deliverables and sales reports

Required Reports:

  1. Working Hours – submitted before payroll
  2. Cash flow – submitted monthly and annual
  3. Monthly financial analysis
  4. Travel Performance Report – submitted monthly
  5. Financials – submitted quarterly and annual
Required Skills:

English Language: Very Good

Experience in all accounting duties


5-7 Years