The IT support specialist will have these major tasks:
Network Administration
Handling hosting and domains
Hardware and security
Trouble shooting


Manage internal and external technical problems and trouble shooting.
Manage hardware and software issues.
Manage network issues.
Maintain the network system and provide backup for files on monthly basis.
Clean data from server as per department’s needs.
Set privileges and security to the network. 
Renew and create hosting, emails and domains.
Managing and monitoring server performance.
Configuring web servers.
Check that hardware and software are functioning correctly
Conduct A/B tests and other performance measures
Follow up internally and externally for all above mentioned maters. 
Responsible for software and hardware  purchasing.
Required Skills:
The ability to work with a team
Time-management skills
Problem-solving skills
Decision-making skills
3-5 years of experience.
Excellent communication and organizational skills.
Relevant education and certification.
Very good English.
Experience with a programming language, like