General Responsibilities:

I.T. will be responsible for three (3) major tasks:

  • Website Management
  • Network Administration
  • Development Issues

Website Management

  • Technical Web mastering of IDV Digital.
  • Draft business requirements and issues pertaining to website technical integrity and ensure compliance with corresponding technical business requirements of
  • Liaison with LinkDev to ensure compliance with business requirements in terms of functionality, look & feel and logic.
  • Oversight of entry and development of the digital data content of
  • Ongoing follow-up and maintainace of website.
  • Ongoing development and proposition of further development stages of

Network Administration & Desk-Help

  • Maintains and upgrades the computer network system as required.
  • Protects the system and computer environment from viruses and other foreign agents.
  • Maintains the integrity of the use of computer equipment.
  • Maintains the E-mail system to ensure its proper use and operation.
  • Maintains the network system and provides a backup system for computer records and files.
  • Responsible for overseeing the maintenance of all computer equipment, wiring, software, diskettes…etc.

Development Issues

  • Assists with database designs, presentation materials and other requests as needed.
  • Responsible for developing and integrating modules with the site to be used in monitoring activities and gathering information to help decision making in the company.
  • Responsible for developing any application that is needed internally.
  • Responsible for site updates
  • Following up on latest technology in web development and providing new solutions to existing problems or how to integrate and use advanced tools.
Required Skills:

Technical Understanding, Process Improvement, Data Processing, Reporting Research Results, Networking Knowledge, Presenting Technical Information, Written Communication, Operating Systems, Reporting Skills, Client Relationships, Documentation Skills