The Sinai Trail - official 360° VR video for the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

The Sinai Trail - official 360° VR video for the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

idv digital the pioneer of 360 VR production in Egypt was recently commissioned by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism to create its official 360 VR video. The 360 VR experience showed off Sinai’s wondrous nature that was exhibited at the Egyptian pavilion during WTM 2019 (World Travel Market in London); the second biggest travel show worldwide

The project:
idv digital partnered with Momentum Egypt and UK along with various partners to produce this truly extraordinary immersive 360 VR video experience.

The video explores The Sinai Trail, a 220 km long trail that is crowned as one of the greatest and spectacular in the world. Shooting locations included the biblical Mount Moses an impressive 2,285 meters tall mountain and where God delivered the 10 commandments to Moses, Nawamis tombs dating back 6000 years, the White Canyon, Haduda Dunes, Elijah’s Basin were the prophet Elijah is said to have heard God, and where a 500 year old Cypress tree stands and several other magnificent locations in Sinai. 

The journey:
As many of us are urban dwellers we discovered a world between the mountains were villages exist and met people that have never left this region.  We took a four day journey crossing the Sinai Peninsula from east to west and driving in 4x4s for approximately 200km between sand dunes and mountains. 
We walked between valleys in the surroundings of Mount Moses and reached the “Holy well” where a boy and his father with a mountain donkey were getting their supply of water. When we visited Nawamis, girls from the neighboring village came with beautiful accessories and hand bracelets to sell, and they charmed us with their talents and kind gestures. On the last night we camped at Elijah’s Basin under a tremendous skylight curtain of silver stars to wake up next morning to catch the sunrise. 

The Challenge(s): 
Many challenges came with the job mostly working in rough conditions with a large crew. Transferring our equipment up the mountain was one of our many worries but thankfully the camels handled that part; except the last 750 steep and rocky steps to the summit. Taking the aerial shots for the Chapel and the Mosque on Mount Moses summit at 2,285 meters was no easy mission. At such high altitude the drone faced a weak lift and struggled with high wind speed and the probability of lagging radio communications, the motors were giving an over load alert and had to spin noticeably faster in thin air, but we were able to take unforgettable shots. 

We used the GoPro Fusion, custom made robot and DJI Spark as one of the best solutions to capture adventurous experience.

Nothing dampened our spirits and our journey ended with many stories and left remarkable memories for the whole team. Most importantly, all the hard work and great accomplishments could not have been achieved without working with a great team. 

We are extremely grateful to everyone and proud of the work we delivered. 

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