Reasons why you should invest in 360 VR videos and photos

Reasons why you should invest in 360 VR videos and photos

A picture is worth a thousand words and keep in mind that the saying was said during the analog era. Imagine how many words are there in a 360 VR photo and video. Media is rapidly changing; what was once a radio became TV, and what is now a TV is now the Smartphone and VR Headsets.

Marketing trends are rapidly evolving, and every business needs to keep up with new technologies if they want to strengthen their branding. Time has run out for printed advertisement, traditional TV advertising, shop signage, radio messaging or internet banners. 360 tours & VR videos are actually the new means of communication providing an immersive insight into many services and boosting traffic on Websites and social media platforms.
Remember that not keeping up with new technology can be detrimental to your business. 

1. 360 Video Is More Engaging
360 video is immersive in nature, allowing the viewer to explore outside the frame and experience each story in a different way every time they view it. Compared to standard video, 360 videos can command more earned interactions, increase retention and have a lasting impact.

2. The VR Audience Is Growing
As VR reaches mainstream adoption, the 360 video viewing audience grows larger and larger. The price of VR headsets, such as oculus, HTC vive & Samsung Gear VR, have dropped significantly since early models were released, and new headsets are making it easier for consumers to afford and experience VR as first-time users.

3. 360 Video Is Easy to Distribute
Users can watch 360 video on any capable mobile device, with or without a VR headset. Viewers can simply move their phones to explore the 360 VR content, like a window to another world. It’s just as easy to view content on laptop and desktop, where you can click and drag to change the perspective of the 360 VR scene. The content can easily be adapted to all platforms and devices — it’s easy to shoot once and deploy to various platforms and devices. Secured VR headsets and powerful computers are not required.

4. 360 Camera Tech Has Matured
360 cameras have become more affordable and easier to use at the consumer level. It’s easier than ever to shoot and stitch 360 footage with inexpensive entry-level cameras like go pro fusion, go pro max and insta 360 One. On the professional level, there are turnkey solutions for cinematic quality 360 video with bundled software for stitching and live streaming for example: insta 360 pro 2, insta 360 Titan and obsidian. Today’s 360 cameras give you the ability to live monitor everything you shoot, just as you would with a traditional video camera. 

5. A Wealth of 360 Production Tools Are Available
Many of the top production software companies are jumping on the VR bandwagon by offering solutions for editing and applying effects to 360 video footage. VR support has come with offerings from Adobe, Final Cut, Foundry and Blackmagic Design, to name a few. Many of these tools are capable of working in both monoscopic and stereoscopic VR footage. There is also growing support from visual effects plugin makers for rotoscoping and compositing 360 video. You can utilize a VR video to watch concerts and other things such as showing potential customers hotel rooms before booking.

6. VR Enables Immersive Experiential Marketing Campaigns
For destination marketing, 360 video and VR can take experiential marketing to the next level. This new medium is transportive, giving your viewer the next best experience to actually being there. Whether you aim to book vacations, find that perfect summer rental, or explore new and exciting tourist destinations, 360 video can take you there.

7. 360 Video Can Be Delivered in Real Time
Advanced VR cameras like the Samsung 360 Round let you livestream immersive 3D 360 video in real-time, in 4K per eye resolution with minimal latency. You can broadcast directly to platforms like Samsung VR, YouTube, Facebook or through your own media servers.

The world of 360 VR is upon us and is shaping the way business operates. They offer your audience an immersive insight into your services, business, location, and products while boosting your inquiries, demand, and web visitors.