idv digital studio 360 VR Live streaming

idv digital studio 360 VR Live streaming

Are you looking to live stream in 360 VR? Idv digital offers you the latest technology to accomplish your needs. Whether you are in the entertainment, sports, fashion, hospitality or music industry we can offer you the new immersive 360° live streaming experience. With this technology you could reach your target audience in all places and offer them an incredible experience of your event. 

Idv digital is ready to 360° live stream on both facebook and youtube where your fans can follow your event and never miss out on the action. For the 360 immersive experience fans can teleport themselves to your event buy using the Oculus VR headset to be right there. 

This is no hype, quality streaming can go up to 4k and social media reach and engagement can be 3 to 4 times the reach of regular media. 360 live streaming can be view through your desktop, mobile and some VR headset devices.

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